According to the French law, schools must welcome disabled students. Few teachers has opportunity to get a trainning or professional experiences on this topic. Comparing the situation between several countries, we noticed a lake of professionnal culture. We are convinced that welcoming disabled students can offer a real opportunity for each school to increase his professionnal skill, but also to increase social skills for students. Nevertheless, we must first be prepared. The aim of this project is to share our experience, to be aware of our needs and to get theoretical knowledges and also to build tools which could be used by schools comunities.

Project objectives :

1) To understand what handicap is
2) To improve teaching and learning skills
3) To be able to adjust and improve the way we welcome disabled students
4) To prepare inclusion of disabled students (by others students and adults)
5) To create tools that are useful for students and teacher and esay to share

Actualy, we need a strong and mostly shared culture about students with special needs (places, behaviours and pedagogy) in order to make our schools more inclusive and our practices more efficient.

Quatre établissements européens ont participé à ce projet :